Eadie Lifestyle x Astrid Harrisson

Astrid has teamed up with Australian lifestyle brand Eadie Lifestyle to bring you a Special Edition series of prints, including the enchanting and mystical Camargue horses and equally spirited Indian Marwari horse. 

As a nod to the tenth year since Astrid traversed the globe on a quest to photograph over 70 of the world's most important breeds of horse, Astrid brings you an affordable range of prints which will be produced in Australia and shipped worldwide.

But...who is "Eadie"? 

“Eadie, the woman, is a character that lives vividly in my imagination. I bring her to life when I design all our ranges. Eadie is an elegant, sophisticated, multi-layered & stylish woman. She moves to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t follow trends, she creates her own. She has a rich life, full of sensory experiences, interesting travels and exciting romance.

Eadie is the inspiration behind our beautiful collections.”

-Trudie Cox, Founder & Director  

Eadie's latest collection “Grace” aligns with more than just the visual element of Astrid's signature images and thus the partnership formed. Astrid and Trudie hand-picked images representing all the qualities this collection embodies - beauty, freedom, humanity, confidence, curiosity and passion. Each print harmoniously blends with our collection to create a sense of calm and elegance.

Archival Pigment Ink Prints

Large: 110 x 82cm £550 (approximately AU$ 1000) :: edition of 100

Medium: 61 x 44cm £250 (approximately AU$ 450) :: edition of 250

Small: 41 x 29cm £150 (approximately AU$ 275) :: edition of 500 


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Sizes refer to paper sizes and include a 50mm handling border.
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Prices include secure packaging and shipping to Australia/New Zealand*. 
*For UK/Rest of World orders, prints will not be embossed but will be accompanied by a digitally signed Certificate of Authenticity. UK/Rest of World orders will be charged standard shipping costs which will be added at the time of checkout.

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