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Astrid Harrisson is proud to be affiliated with Dare to Live, a cutting-edge UK charity who provide a trauma-informed education and life skills programme to servicemen and women, amongst other frontline workers and trauma sufferers. Astrid has begun to study the IFEEL Method (see below) in a bid to deepen her understanding of horses and their powerful ability to heal and wishes to support Dare to Live's groundbreaking coaching approaches (evidence-based psychosocial wellbeing methodologies including (safe and unridden) facilitated interactions with horses).

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IFEEL Qualifications Ltd is a professional training that has the depth and psychological competency needed to do justice to any equine assisted facilitation, coaching and psychotherapy interventions. A systematic method in that best considers and validates the complex process and outcomes of the Facilitator-Horse-Client alliance.

IFEEL Method


Astrid Harrisson is honoured to support Wild Welfare as their affiliated photographer. A partnership such as this reflects Astrid's personal commitment to wildlife and to raising awareness of the beauty and sentience of wild animals. 
Regular donations of work, photography and sales proceeds help Wild Welfare continue to grow. Wild Welfare's vision statement outlined below, and more information is available on their website here.
"Our Vision is to end the suffering of captive wild animals around the world, 
ensuring full and sustainable protection is given to all animals in human care."

Since 2009 Astrid has exhibited at annual Charity Event Art For Youth London. This is an astounding art show held in the City of London, showcasing artists from around the world. The event raises money for Charity UK Youth, a leading national charity that delivers non-formal education opportunities for young people aged 9-25 in the UK.
UK Youth's mission is "to work hand in hand with young people – and the dedicated organisations supporting them – to develop the skills, belief, courage and leadership to build a bright future."
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